Our Wedding Day!

Our Wedding Day!
I Love you!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Life these days.

I know that I have not written a lot these days.  I guess the week of Christmas when everything was happening and we were moving again I just got too busy and then I started feeling sick with Morning sickness everyday almost all day along. 

We moved either the 21 or the 22nd of December.  I had some very dear friends (Harmony Conjurske and Rachel Towle) come visit me on the 19th and 20th and we had such a wonderful time talking and visiting.  We went to Siren and went out to eat and went to a thrift store.  They informed me that I was pregnant because as they said I acted like it.  To be honest I had been feeling sick for days and I was wondering the same thing myself.   It was too early for a test to come back positive yet so I knew that I would just have to wait it out for a while.  I called my sister Nikki quite a few times and asked her a bunch of questions I still wonder if she thought I had lost my mind. 

Then after they left and Rick and I talked a while and then went to talk to some friends about the things going on with his mom and sister Rick decided that we ought to move so in t he next few days that is what we did.  God sent a very dear friend and her daughter over to help that day he knew how badly I need the help and support.  When they left that evening our cupboards at out new apartment were full of food.  It was such a blessing!  Thank you Cindy and Chandelle you have no clue how much that meant to me!

Then we spent our first Christmas together and it was a very nice and enjoyable time.  We spent it by ourselves in our new apartment in Cumberland.  It was a very relaxing day!  The day  after Christmas we went to Ricks dads and Step mom's.   God has truly blessed me with a wonderful set of in-laws in these two!  They have been such a blessing and encouragement to us both! 

The next I took a pregnancy test and it showed up positive!!!  We were so excited.  It had been our desire to let God plan our family I wasn't expecting it to be that soon but I was so happy.  With all the stress we had been under it was so exciting to have something so wonderful to look forward to!  It brought a smile to our hearts and faces!!!   We called our parents and told them most were so delighted we did some who weren't happy but we tried to not let it get us down but to look forward to the blessing that God gave us. 

Rick hasn't had a lot of work so if you could all be praying for us that God would give Rick a full time job and that he would make his will clear to us where we should live and where he should work.  Pray that God will give us wisdom on how to handle everything at the farm also!

Thank you for all of your love and support through everything that has been going on.  Feel free to write to me privately if you have questions I will try to answer them.

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