Our Wedding Day!

Our Wedding Day!
I Love you!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today it seems like changes have been running through my head. Sometimes I look at the next couple months an see how many changes are coming and I feel overwhelmed. I am so looking forward to getting married and spending the rest of my life with Rick but some moments I just burst out into tears. I was talking to a friend today and I said "When things look hard and overwhelming I say to myself, "God brought us together and helped us with so many things and has richly blessed us as we are putting him first in our relationship that I know that he won't desert me here." I know that he is going to be with us each step of the way. I am such a people person and i love my family so much that sometimes I wonder how I am going to live being apart from them but then I remember that we are starting our own family and I am not losing my family I am gaining another one! Please pray for us as we plan our wedding and our lives together. There are going to be so many changes but I know that God will help us!

I am going to Rick's this weekend. His dad is coming to take Joy out for her birthday and he wanted Rick and I to come along. We are planning to go to Menard's to look at a few things for our house. It is so fun planning our house together!

1 Month Engagement Anniversary/Monica's Wedding

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Engagement Pictures

Wedding Plans

Everyone is asking how the plans are coming. Well they are coming. No, we have not set a date yet but we are almost there. We have building supplies figured out and hoping to get them soon so we can build! We both are very excited about the things that God has been ding for us and working out for us! We were not sure how we were going to heat our house this winter and as Wisconsin winters are very cold we needed something to heat it with! We have been praying that God would guide us and help us to figure out all the building issues. Well Rick's sister found a Wood Cook Stove for sale on the bulletin board at a store. We called about it and went and looked at it last weekend and it was just want Rick wanted for a very good price! So once again God has provided for our needs!!! We serve an amazing God!!!

Elaine has started on my dress. I will be going out to Pa in October to get fitted for my dress and bring it home with me!!! I ordered the boots that Rick wanted me wear for our wedding and they are in my room waiting nicely on a shelf.


Welcome to our blog. I hope to be able to keep you up on what is going on in our lives here.